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New Album "Fantasy Country" out February 26th 2021

Seven years ago I stumbled across these australian Shoegaze/Psych Rockers and their debut single "Wavygravy" through the amazing Coast Is Clear Blog. Besides their gift for perfect sonic texture, shimmering atmospherics and a heavy dose of melody, their straight to the point approach in songwriting is what separates them from the entourage of Shoegaze or Psychedelic Rock bands who are often getting lost in FX pedal showmanship and endless tiring jams. If you're not addicted to this Melbourne fourpiece already, tune in with their new album "Fantasy Country" which will be out on February 26th 2021. Here's where you can listen and how you can get it...

Listen to the first single "Big Mess":

UK-based label ClubAC30 - home of great Shoegaze bands such as PINKSHINYULTRABLAST, AIR FORMATION, EXIT CALM, YOU WALK THROUGH WALLS, etc. - is releasing their second album "Fantasy Country" on February 26th 2021 on Vinyl for UK and Europe.
Poison City Records based in Melbourne/Australia will put out the album on CD and vinyl for Australia and the rest of the world.

You can purchase the digital version through:

Here's where you can get the physical releases...

Vinyl UK and EU only, limited to 400 copies only - be quick:

CD, Vinyl and merchandise for Australia and rest of the world:

And here's their amazing debut single "Wavygravy" from seven years ago:

Facebook: facebook.com/flyyingcolours/
Bandcamp: flyyingcolours.bandcamp.com/
Label: facebook.com/clubac30

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