11 Tracks - #002

Without much banter, here's what's on the stereo quite often these days...

11 TRACKS - #002

TELEMAN - English Architecture
London/UK - Indie Pop

Album: "Brilliant Sanity" (2016, Moshi Moshi)
Homepage: telemanmusic.com
Bandcamp: telemanmusic.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Telemanmusic

PENFRIEND - Cancel Your Hopes
Bristol/UK - Indie Pop/Indie Rock

Single: "Cancel Your Hopes" (2021, self-released)
Homepage: penfriend.rocks
Bandcamp: penfriendrocks.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/penfriendrocks

PIEL - Gift Of Matter
Los Angeles/USA - Shoegaze/Indie/Psychedelic Rock

Album: "Tiki Leaks" (2019, self-released)
Facebook: facebook.com/pielmusic
I-Tunes: music.apple.com/us/album/tiki-leaks/1474111460
Youtube: youtube.com/user/pielmusic

BEACHY HEAD - Destroy Us
London/UK - Shoegaze/Slowdive/The Flaming Lips

Album: "Beachy Head" (2021, Graveface Records & Curiosities)
Bandcamp: graveface.bandcamp.com/album/beachy-head
Label Facebook: facebook.com/GRAVEFACE

FRITZ - Sweetie
Newcastle/Australia - Shoegaze/Indie Rock/Noise Pop

Album: "Pastel" (2021, self-released)
Bandcamp: fritzmusic.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/fritzkid

Los Angeles/USA - Shoegaze/Indie Rock/Noise Rock

Album: "Lovesick" (2019, Graveface Records & Curiosities)
Bandcamp: tennissystem.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TennisSystem

TRIÁNGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO - Foliá De Las Apariciones
Galizia/Spain - Post-Punk/Shoegaze

Album: "Triángulo de Amor Bizarro" (2020, Mushroom Pillow)
Facebook: facebook.com/TabizarroOficial
Merchandise: mushroompillow.com/store/es/3_triangulo-de-amor-bizarro

АУДИОПРЕСТУПЛЕНИЕ - Ты будешь с другим..
(AUDIOPRESTUPLENIYE - Ty budesh' s drugim...)
Yekaterinburg/Russia - Synth Wave/80s Pop

Album: "Любовь длиною в жизнь" (2017, self-released)
Bandcamp: audiocrimeband.bandcamp.com
VK: vk.com/a_u_d_i_o_c_r_i_m_e

MORTIMER - Sparks And Cinder
Regensburg/Germany - Hörspiel Pop/Audiodramapop/Sublime Music

Single: "Sparks And Cinder" (2021, self-released)
Homepage: mortimertunes.de
Bandcamp: mortimer3.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mortimertunes

FABELS - Waiting
Sydney/Australia - Shoegaze/Psychedelic/Experimental/Swirl

Single: "Waiting" (2021, self-released)
Homepage: fabelsmusic.com
Bandcamp: fabels.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/fabelsmusic

HANNES KRETZER - Lethe (Live-Session)
Berlin/Germany - Ambient/Synthesizer/Neoclassical

Homepage: harnes-kretzer.de
Bandcamp: hanneskretzer.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/hanneskretzermusic
Since "Lethe" is (still) not available for download please check out some of the other releases on Bandcamp! Therefore here's a bonus track for today's post:

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